“As a child, I loved to spin in circles. I would put on every petticoat I could find and whirl to any music. I was delighted to be in my body, and felt in touch with something bigger than myself. Later, while studying philosophy in college, I realized that the ideas I was learning were not abstract concepts, but really about embodied experience, and that lit me up. I found that I could trust what I experienced in my body to guide me to a more vital and meaningful life. I knew it because I had the felt-sense of it. I was thrilled when I found a professor who was synthesizing movement, psychology and philosophy.”

Since Kate founded BodyMindMovement Therapeutics in 1984, she has been innovating in the field of mind-body integration. Her special expertise is Somatics, an integral body-centered approach that helps people reconnect with internal wisdom through mindfulness, movement and other practices that increase sensory-awareness leading to personal revelation. This resourcing leads to greater well-being, peace, confidence, power and natural optimism, removing obstacles to oneís expression in the world.

Kate comes from a dance background and earned her Movement Therapy degree from California State University Fresno, with additional education in movement, embodiment and psychology in Europe and the United States. Kate is also a registered movement therapist (RMT) and a certified massage therapist (CMT). With an innate passion for learning, she trained as a Life Coach at the Transformational Leadership and Coaching Training, and incorporates her apprenticeship in Native American earth-based spirituality and the Continuum Movement Method. Most recently, Kate’s work is informed by Psychophysical Therapy and Sensori-motor Psychotherapy, as well as current research on neurobiology and attachment.

Kate lives in San Francisco with offices in a beautiful Cow Hollow courtyard and in San Mateo. She is committed to reaching more people with the benefits of living an embodied and balanced life.

I value the way that you ‘get’ me immediately and the total listening and presence you practice during our session. You actually do care about my well being, and I completely trust you and the process you are taking me through ñ it’s deeper and more substantial than any other therapy, book or ‘reading’ I have ever known..
~ Kalyna Hanover,
Conscious Consultant
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In a few sessions, you will have taken actions to live in greater alignment with your inner wisdom.
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I got great relief in my body after our sessions, but most importantly I experienced strong emotions and spiritual shifts after seeing you.
~ Sara Seligman
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