My mission as a somatically-based life coach is to help you transform emotional and physical congestion so you can be on course with your authentic life and purpose. In a few sessions, you will have taken actions to live in greater alignment with your physical vitality and inner wisdom.

I will:

  • Join you, where you are, in a context of safety and trust.
  • Integrate relevant skills to support your unique needs and personal style.
  • Respect your time, budget and pacing.

I serve individuals and couples in my San Francisco and San Mateo offices. We can also work together by phone or Skype. Sessions typically last 90-minutes.

Call or click below to schedule a free 15-minute initial phone consultation (415-613-6507).

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  • Embodied Life Mentoring
    To help you remove confusion, blocks and pain, and get your life on track

The following modalities support Embodied Life Mentoring and also are available as stand-alone services:


  • Integral bodywork
    To increase sensory-awareness and enhance embodied presence by crossing the mind-body interface to balance energy, mobilize joints, improve circulation and experience deep rest
  • Postural re-education
    To bring greater awareness and harmony to postural presence and reframe one’s personal sense of self


  • Life mentoring
    To identify limiting beliefs and transform them into creative resources to achieve one’s goals
  • Evolutionary and archetypal astrology
    To help gain perspective on current challenges and opportunities, and illuminate your soul direction
    To engage, reframe and invite a more authentic, integral vision of a life in balance


  • Somatic resourcing
    To use sensory awareness to bridge the gap between the beliefs within the mind and the convictions of the body


  • 10.19.2011 - How To Stay Happy When The World Has Gone Wild - pdf
  • 8.10.2011 - 10 Tips For Stress Management - pdf
  • 4.20.2011 - Sensory Awareness; Balancing Inside with Outside for Life - pdf
  • 11.17.2010 - Awakening the Brain: bringing awareness to our movements - pdf
  • 6.2.2010 - Focus on Subtle Body Balance For Health and Wellbeing - pdf
  • 7.29.2009 - Transformative Integral Embodiment & Counseling - pdf
Since Kate founded BodyMindMovement Therapeutics in 1984, she has been innovating in the field of mind-body integration..
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I got great relief in my body after our sessions, but most importantly I experienced strong emotions and spiritual shifts after seeing you.
~ Sara Seligman
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