What clients are saying…

Kate Jones of Body Mind Movement offers her clients a transforming experience through her lavish massage and attention to the body and what it might need. In addition and perhaps more importantly, she reaches into the soul offering her intuitive advice and counseling. I have had her be right on about my family dynamics, posture and health, life long dreams and aspirations, or had her just get me over a bad chest cold and asthma. XXXX

If you are looking for healing and wholeness on multidimensional levels, look no further… see Kate Jones. XXXX

Thank you for helping me actualize a higher state of living through mental and physiological clarity. My mental and physical slates are wiped clean and elevated after a Mind Body Movement Experience. XXXX

Kate is an excellent life counselor, relationship coach with incredible capacity to listen, emphasize, care and hold so many of my life’s situations. Every time I come out of a session with Kate, I feel clear, light, optimistic and with great new directions to the areas I am dealing with in my life. XXXX

A few examples of what brought clients to Kate Jones at BodyMindMovement:

I felt like problems with my physical health were stemming from emotional issues I’d been experiencing so I was very interested in a therapist that would address both these aspects.

A feeling that I needed help and that I wasn’t able to figure it out on my own. The feeling was a sense of uneasiness in my body that would not shake. A sense of forcing things to move forward.

I am going through some major life challenges and changes, and I wanted to know that my action and path is aligned with my deepest intentions. Also, I wanted to learn more about myself and what could be improved and what is needed in order for me to move forward confidently and courageously. I consulted with Kate astrologically and she has been my mentor ever since.

Like many men, I feel like I’m perpetually caught in a bind between love and lust. My upcoming marriage has broken up my normal patterns and allowed the deeper wounds that drive this bind to emerge and be felt.

What benefits have you experienced?

I came to you feeling total despair. Working with you I now feel, calm, loved, supported, heard and safe
~Kalyna Hanover, Conscious Consultant, EcoBlu Shop

Mental: peace of mind. Physical: relief of tension, pain, and muscle tightness. Emotional/Spiritual: Better awareness and understanding of the bigger (interconnected) picture.
~Louis Waddell, AIA, LEED AP

I got great relief in my body after our sessions, but most importantly I experienced strong emotions and spiritual shifts after seeing you. I had a strong feeling of peace and felt very grounded and centered after our sessions.
~Sara Seligman, LMT, Owner Denver Therapeutic Massage

Your sessions gave me some great tools that I use to relax and get grounded. I was also able to see this coming year from a new and exciting perspective that has helped my tremendously.
~Johanna Beyer, life coach

Mentally, emotionally, and spiritually I felt great. I feel sure of myself and trust my intuition more. I feel that my self confidence has grown, and I know that whatever the future brings, I have confidence to move forward and be okay with myself and the outcome.
~Nutnaree Pipit-Suksun, ballet dancer

The list of benefits I've received has far exceeded my expectations, and continues to grow even after our initial sessions concluded. I received guidance on becoming more mindful of the physical and energetic presence of my body, and feel a much greater connection between my body and my mind. Kate’s work made me realize how important it is to find balance between the mental/spiritual realms and the physical/practical realms.
~Ellie Horne, biologist

What do you find most valuable in working with BodyMindMovement Therapeutics?

I value the way that you 'get' me immediately and the total listening and presence you practice during our session. You actually do care about my well being, and I completely trust you and the process you are taking me through – it's deeper and more substantial than any other therapy, book or 'reading' I have ever known.
~Kalyna Hanover, Conscious Consultant, EcoBlu Shop

Kate has an amazing sense of perception and an ability to read and adjust to a client's evolving needs by using creative solutions. I have called her the "Columbo" of somatic therapists due to her tireless approach to finding the root problems in her clients.
~Louis Waddell, AIA, LEED AP

Your presence and attention is most valuable. You have a unique gift of being able to look at my whole being. This facilitates me getting the most out of each sessions and has me feeling really heard and understood.
~Sara Seligman, LMT, owner Denver Therapeutic Massage

I like your deep focus and presence.
~Johanna Beyer, life coach

Most valuable was the shedding light on the connections between my mind and the physical manifestations my thoughts have in my body, and how this energy can extend outwards to the other people near me. This helped me understand the integration of energy balancing with the science of body mechanics.
~Ellie Horne, biologist

I appreciate your sincerity, skill and compassion, your ability to articulate what’s happening in both general and specific terms, and your ability in coaching/questioning and following the response in an organic and useful way. You have a nice ability to dance in the moment.
~Steve Charrier, Heroes Journey tarot coach

You offer deep listening, deep reflection, deep presence, deep safety and infinite acceptance and receptivity. You were with me in time/space travel and guided my experience there.
~Natalie Zeituny, modern mystic, teacher, healer, consciousness entreprenuer

Kate helped me stop to heal my body - I was on the fast road to total burn-out. She helped catch me before it was too late. Since the work with her I have changed my lifestyle completely, and now I have access some very deep emotional wounds that are finally getting healed because of these changes. Kate helped me reclaim my life.
~Joui Turandot, image consultant for men, www.fashioneyeformen.com

What would you say about BodyMindMovement Therapeutics?

I love Kate!! You are amazing! You saved my marriage and helped me live in peace with myself. You helped me deal with the toughest struggles I ever had!
~T.S, TV producer

Kate's approach is a "full-spectrum" effort to find and solve problems using multiple tactics and a range of therapies.
~Louis Waddell, AIA, LEED AP

Your ability to see and hold the deeper, positive intention behind the darker sides of my self is very rare. This holding allows me to relax and consider different perspectives about how I am leading my life. This incorporation of the shadow into my self is a place where real freedom can be born.
~Andrew, scientist

I feel like you are giving me some important things to think about and are illuminating my blind spots.
~Carrie Lape, Business Analyst/Project Manager for a software company

Kate works with people in an intensely perceptive and intuitive manner that frees your body to heal itself.
~Bill Wygant, Realtor

Completely 100% worth every penny and every minute. Long-lasting deep effectiveness.
~Kalyna Hanover, Conscious Consultant, EcoBlu Shop

I am truly amazed by the benefits of Kate's work! She is a one-of-a-kind body worker and a great life coach who really seems to "get you." She has helped me release old patterns of movement as well as old patterns of abuse and sadness and tension.]] I live a spiritually conscious life and I believe Kate does also, and she is helping me on my life's journey in regards to my soul work.
~Reta Coolin, bodywork professional

Kate conveys marvelous respect for and wonder at the human body. That respect and wonder together create a sense of awe and possibility.
~Mary Vogt

Your dedication, brilliance, positive energy and ability to truly get in my shoes and see my life is quite a gift!
~Joui Turandot, fashion consultant

In a few sessions, you will have taken actions to live in greater alignment with your inner wisdom.
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Since Kate founded BodyMindMovement Therapeutics in 1984, she has been innovating in the field of mind-body integration..
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